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1. Azure fundamentals


2. Classify images with the Microsoft Custom Vision Service


3. Add conversational intelligence to your apps by using Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS)


4. Identify faces and expressions by using the Computer Vision API in Azure Cognitive Services


5. Discover sentiment in text with the Text Analytics API


6. Classify and moderate text with Azure Content Moderator


7. Build a bot with QnA Maker and Azure Bot Service


8. Process images with the Computer Vision service


9. Microsoft Azure Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy and solutions


10. Recognize specific voices with the Speaker Recognition APIs in Azure Cognitive Services


11. Define the foundation pillars of DevOps: Architecture and Technology


12. Evaluate text with Azure Cognitive Language Services


13. Explain DevOps Continuous Delivery and Continuous Quality


14. Analyze DevOps Continuous Planning and Continuous Integration


15. Predict categories with machine learning classification


16. Create Intelligent Bots with the Azure Bot Service


17. Explore DevOps Continuous Security and Continuous Operations


18. Characterize DevOps Continuous Collaboration and Continuous Improvement


19. Transcribe speech input to text


20. Introduce the foundation pillars of DevOps: Culture and Lean Product


21. Process and classify images with the Azure Cognitive Vision Services


22. Predict numeric values with regression


23. Use unsupervised learning to analyze unlabeled data


24. Make predictions from complex data with neural networks


25. Use deep learning models to make predictions about specialized data


26. Synthesize Text Input to Speech


27. Translate speech with the speech service


28. Learn about DevOps dojo white belt foundation


29. Get started with AI on Azure


30. Recognize and synthesize speech



Trang chủ MICROSOFT 3. Trí tuệ nhân tạo (AI)